Candid Family Group Shot | The Story behind #34

Weddings are above all about one thing – the couple celebrating their love for one another. But they’re also a great celebration for the two families as well and they often form a reunion of family members who perhaps haven’t seen each other for some time. As such, family pictures are extremely important and whilst the posed portraits serve this purpose, I’m looking to try and capture something different on a wedding day with my documentary approach.

Candid family group shot

This candid family group shot contains a collection of the groom’s aunts and uncles, all together on the wedding day. A shot like this appeals to me far more than a grip and grin portrait as it’s completely real (with no interference from me) and shows them within the context of the day. I spotted the paintings on the wall behind them and used these to add another dimension and a bit of humour to the picture. Add in the pushchair on the far right and you start to see all the generations that have come together to celebrate this occasion.

For photographers: Taken on a Canon 5D Mk3 using the 24-70mm mk2 at 35mm. The exposure was f/4, 1/180s at 3200 ISO.

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